Downloading OSLO LT

OSLO LT is the same program as OSLO Light, but is restricted to systems having fewer than 10 surfaces. OSLO LT is intended for educational use, but also gives you optical design power that exceeds many commercial programs. OSLO LT is what you get when you run OSLO Light without entering an access number.

Download OSLO LT Rev. 6.1 Now (6,711,608 bytes)!


Documentation for OSLO LT is provided primarily through its help system. It is important to know that the main source of help in OSLO LT comes from the individual context-sensitive help buttons that are found in all dialog boxes and spreadsheets. These provide information directly related to the subject at hand. In addition, help is available through the Help menu:

The main OSLO Help file is based on Windows HTML help, and is called Help Topics on the Help Menu. It contains files alternately accessed via the context-sensitive help buttons, and also descriptions of all the commands available in OSLO LT.

In addition to the help system, there is a book called the OSLO Optics Reference Manual, which is available as a *.pdf file that can be read using Adobe Acrobat. The book describes much of the optical theory and algorithms used in OSLO, and provides several dozen examples of using OSLO for various purposes.

Download the OSLO Optics Reference Manual Now (4,576,436 bytes)!

Installing OSLO LT

OSLO LT requires a PC running Windows 9x/NT/2000. A Pentium cpu is strongly recommended. A display resolution of at least 1024x768 is recommended.

The OSLO LT program is contained in a self-extracting file called oslolt.exe. After downloading, you should run this file, which will run the Setup program, which will indicate that you are installing OSLO Light, and then display a Welcome dialog box. After reading this box, click Finish and follow the prompts to set up OSLO Light on your computer. OSLO Light normally installs in the directory c:\Program Files\oslo\light61. If you want to uninstall it, use the Add/Remove Programs icon in the Control Panel.

To run OSLO LT, click the OSLO Light entry on the Start menu, or run the file olight.EXE in the installation directory. When you first run the program, it will request an access number. Press ENTER without entering the access number, which will cause the program to run in LT mode, which is OSLO Light restricted to fewer than 10 surfaces.

Internet Explorer is used to access OSLO's HTML Help files. This does not mean that you must use Internet Explorer as your web browser, only that the Internet Explorer runtime engine is used to display HTML Help. If you don't have Internet Explorer on your computer, you will likely get an error message when you run OSLO LT setup. This error message is not significant so far as the operation of OSLO LT is concerned, but indicates that you will not be able to use the Help files. If you have an older version of Internet Explorer on your computer, you can update the necessary HTML help support files by downloading the hhupd.exe file from the Microsoft web site at the URL After you have downloaded it, run hhupd.exe to update your system.


Registration of OSLO LT is optional. There is no cost or obligation. If you register, we will notify you about program updates and send you our product literature. If you would like to register your OSLO LT, please fill out and submit the registration form.